Krista Komondor is a Performer, Writer, and Recovering Nurse Practitioner.  Her ‘aggressively interactive’ solo show, Madame Komondor Will See You Now, garnered five stars at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Her new show SEXpert Madame K! streamed 27 times during the 2020 Online Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and continues to evolve. Newly inspired ‘SEXpert’ (Watch the Trailer), has upcoming shows at the Oregon (April 29th at 10:30pm EST) and Pittsburgh Fringe Festivals (May 6-9th). She plans to do another full run of the show at the 2021 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Her YouTube channel, Becoming a Comedian, chronicles her journey to let go of her mousy healthcare provider identity and transform into a ballsy performer.

Listen— Nurse Practitioner Turned Comedian and Playwright– A fun interview with Elizabeth Scala.